Hey guys! Here is an update. So since I started this journey one of my main concerns has been how was I going to get new clients?

I’ve been a business woman for a while so I understood the basics including internet, print advertising, networking, etc.

Networking has been to me the worst investment of time and money I have ever made. For a long time I was a member of a local networking group. Super nice people. I am still friends with some of them but I only made about $40 from investing into the group.

I don’t know if it’s because I am not pushy enough, or maybe because I did not talk about what I did enough. But talking about divorcing people gave me a weird feeling. You know it felt like I was saying “call me if you need me ‘wink’ ‘wink’.

I was the member that they wished they never had to call.

They never referred me business.

But I know they loved me for the person  I am.

So besides networking there is print ad and I hate the feeling that if I don’t pay for the ad this week I will be missing out. Also, when  I did run the ads most of the people that called where just kicking the tires, not really ready to make an appointment and get started.

Also back then a no court divorce was not something that people knew to be real. Like anything new they did not know anyone that got divorced that way so it was difficult for them to believe me.

Then of course the internet.

This is the one area I have done well but with clients to take care I have very little time to work on my online presence. I know, what a curse and a blessing. It’s a good thing because I already have clients, and it’s a bad thing because time is of the essence.

Even this post! I’ve been wanting to make this post in a while but I have been too busy! I have not been even able to do yoga! Now that’s annoying!

So how am I getting clients?

Some come from Thumbtack

Some come from relationships I’ve had

And lately from someone that sells business services to mostly insurance companies. He sells websites and I do the SEO and social media. So far he became a client and signed up another client and it’s now advertising my services.

It’s white label which means the client does not know another company is doing the work. I do not deal with the client at all. I just make sure things are working the way they are supposed to be. Evolve Business Solutions have been a life saver to me.

The work they send to me allows me to work from home, pick up the kids from school and pay the bills.

Of course it also gives me more practice and challenges me to stay organized.

I can’t believe how my life changed so quickly! I am blessed beyond compare.


Thank You God for this opportunity!

Love you to the moon and back!