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Immigration and Divorce Issues


Divorce and Immigration Issues

In some instances, the divorce may have immigration. Here are a few common questions and solutions.

What’s conditional permanent residence?

An individual who immigrates towards the U.S. with different marriage that’s under 2 yrs old during the time of his/her admission will get conditional permanent residence status. This status can last for 2 yrs. To achieve full permanent residence status, the conditional resident must file a petition using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before the second anniversary of his/her admission being an immigrant. In those days, when the marriage continues to be intact, the immigrant spouse will get a complete permanent residence. On the other hand, when the marriage is dissolved, the immigrant spouse will forfeit his/her immigrant status and be deportable.

I backed my spouse’s immigration application and we are divorcing?

Should you sponsor your spouse’s immigration application and also the marriage is ending, you need to withdraw your sponsorship quickly because through sponsorship you’ve assumed the required supporting your partner and the and her dependents. Whenever a person signs an affidavit of support, she or he accepts responsibility for financially supporting the backed immigrant(s) until she or he becomes U.S. citizens. However, divorce doesn’t always terminate your financial responsibilities toward your immigrant spouse before she or he turns into a U.S. citizen unless of course she or he leaves the U. S. States. A spouse-sponsor should withdraw any Petition for Alien Relatives and also the Affidavit of Support as quickly as possible if divorce process are imminent.

How are immigration applications treated following a divorce?

When an immigration application that is dependant on marriage is pending prior to the USCIS, an immigrant spouse is going to be considered out-of-status upon the dissolution from the marriage. There’s additionally a strong possibility the alien spouse might be susceptible to removal proceedings following the divorce situation is completed. An individual who immigrates towards the U . s . States with different marriage that’s under 2 yrs old during the time of his/her admission will get conditional permanent residence. When the marriage continues to be intact in the second anniversary, then your immigrant spouse will get a complete permanent residence. Meanwhile, when the marriage leads to divorce, then your immigrant spouse will forfeit his/her immigrant status and be deportable. In which the qualifying marriage is finished in divorce or annulment throughout the two-year conditional residency period, the conditional resident may obtain a waiver from the joint filing requirement in line with the parties’ good belief once they joined in to the marriage.

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What’s conditional residence status?

Conditional resident status is conferred with an alien towards the U . s . States or perhaps a authorized permanent resident inside a marriage that’s considered genuine and that’s under 2 yrs old. The status is conditional for an additional 2 yrs. When the marriage lasts greater than 2 yrs, then your alien could be approved for …

Moving On After A Break Up


So you’re moving forward the heels of the breakup. Please accept my virtual hug. Lord knows I’ve had the experience.

During the last 14 years, I’ve resided in 11 different apartments. Three of individuals moves were inspired with a breakup with someone I shared a house with. Right now, I’ve moving lower to some science. However it never feels less taxing. And it is worse when there is a breakup involved.

First comes the dreaded division from the possessions. I remember when i came the place to find a condo where every imaginable object was engrossed in Publish-it notes studying, “This is mine.” Who understood that two humans might have such impassioned feelings concerning the origins of the paperback copy from the Artist’s Way? As though that were not the worst factor imaginable, then you must package your worldly possessions and schlep all of them over creation. Much like me, you might seem like a dejected turtle, balancing your house lying on your back. Before you began packing, you was clueless that you owned a lot of books, a lot of athletic shoes, a lot of half-used hair products.

At lengthy last, both you and your boxes land inside your new space. Both hands haven’t looked so dirty. You’ve got no idea where your toothbrush is. From time to time, it dawns for you, just like a bad dream you cannot escape: This is when you reside now. Just you. Alone.

In reality, there are many positives to beginning over, a few of which grow apparent as time passes. Meanwhile, listed here are nine things I’ve found result in the process just a little simpler. I think you’ll might find some security in them.

For more tips:

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Is It Worth Holding On?


Are You Holding Too Tight?

Being in love is an amazing feeling. Many history books, songs and even the bible talks incessantly about how wonderful being in love is.

But without question, sometimes love goes awry and unfortunately the intoxicating feeling is gone and replaced by pain, confusion and sadness.

When a relationship has reached a painful demise many of us keep holding on, hoping for things to go back the way they used to be.

Even to our own detriment.

Sometimes we even keep marriage plans ahead even when we have seen the signs that our relationship may not be the best thing for us.

But we have faith and hope and charge ahead hoping for the best.

Then when the same issues arise again we find ourselves back to the painful stage we endured before.

I sat down recently with Patricia Garbo, a legal document preparer with Documents Assist Corp located in Hialeah. She shared with me that most of her divorce clients call her after looking for the phone number of the Miami divorce court forms. Many of them shared that the reason for their divorce (being infidelity, jealousy, etc) had shown it’s ugly head before they were married.

The reason why they went ahead with the nuptials vary but many of them shared they believed their now ex that they would never do it again.

To Hope Or Not To Hope

This was not really an eye opening statement to me. After all I do believe that people change but I also believe that people will tell you what they know you want to hear.

Our challenge is to figure out when it’s real and when it’s fake.

Making Hard Decisions

Per Ms. Garbo many potential clients will call her for information on a Simple divorce florida, and then would not hear about them for months; surely trying to work things out.

Until one day they start the divorce process.

Best Divorce Revenge

Filing for Divorce? What’s Going to be Your Revenge?


Just read an article of this guy that was married and his wife cheated on him. To make a long story short he orchestrated for his wife to leave the house, leave him the children, pay him child support while he is working part-time. Unfortunately he used his daughter as a pawn but who am I to judge? Read the Story HERE

I so wish that I was that crafty when I left my husband. All I could think about was I can’t live under the same roof for one more minute and took my kids into a shelter.

We lived there for 3 months while a judge finally told him to get the fuck out.

Meanwhile I worked on getting my beauty on and become a better version of me. I started seriously exercising, buying better fitting clothes, having my hair done up and even had my girl in tactical-aesthetics make my skin glow.

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During that time I grew as a person exponentially. I opened my own business and learned that I could do life without him.

I have 4 kids and while he told me that no-one would ever want to be with me because I have too much baggage I found someone wonderful that loves me and my “baggage” and treats me extremely well, sometimes better than I deserve.

Do you have a juicy revenge story to tell?


Do you Know It’s Time to File for Divorce?

couple arguing

How to Know It’s Time to File for Divorce

Filing for divorce can be a painful experience. When you got married, you, no doubt, want to stay together till death do you part. Right now, you are just managing your relationship and wondering if it is the right time to file for divorce. A lot of married couples are in the same situation, but your circumstance may differ from theirs. If it has been on your mind to get a divorce, some concrete indications will give you a clear signal to go ahead. What are they? Let us look at few of them.

Your needs are not being met

When the most basic human needs – physical, emotional, and spiritual – are not being met, it is an indication that it is time to file for divorce. Marriage is a partnership between committed lovers and when one spouse no longer holds this view, it is time for a divorce.

When you think that you’d be better off alone                                       

As your relationship gets old, there will come a time when you start to think that you would be better off alone. However, this is not enough reason to get a divorce. It is only when your marriage has become an unhappy one that it might be time to get a divorce in Florida.

If you are only staying because of the kids

You may want to stay because of your children, but kids are very smart. Do not underestimate their understanding of what is going on. They can sense problem easily, and if you think that you do not want your children to emulate the present happenings in your marriage when they too have their own in future, it might be time for a divorce.

If you are repeatedly being abused

Are you being physical, emotionally, or verbally abused? Maybe, you have tried to reason that thing will change over time and decided to remain in the relationship. But, instead of the situation improving, it is getting worse. This is a clear signal you should file for a divorce.

You no longer trust or respect each other

Any marriage without trust and respect is heading for a disaster. Marriage is supposed to be strong and should be based on trust, understanding and mutual respect. But, when these qualities are no longer there, and you cannot trust your spouse anymore, it may be a sign that it is time to get a divorce.

You are not faithful to your spouse

If you have been cheating on your spouse, and your feelings towards your spouse have changed, it is time to move on.

Flirting with My Ex

Dangerous Liaisons – Flirting with my Ex

If you are familiar with this blog you will know that my relationship with my ex husband was at best tumultuous.

While I was madly and sickly in love with him he seemed to be more interested in hanging out with his friends, drinking and inhaling white powder.

So many evenings I spent waiting for him, not knowing if he was coming home for dinner.

Even a phone call saying “I’ll be late” would have been great.

I was not the type to call him on the phone, I’ve never been that type.

In my eyes, a man gets out of work then comes home. If he is going out after work, he comes home, he takes a shower, changes to nice clothes and off he goes….with his wife.

Well, my ex did not understand or want to understand my needs.

But Here Is the Weird Thing

Even after all of the tears and suffering we still flirted for many years after separating and even after our final divorce.

The last time we slept together was the same night I met my now husband.

It was our first date and I just knew that it could go somewhere, I felt it deep in my core that it was time for something new.

My ex had been calling me non-stop during our date. I cut my date short and met him at one of those nasty bars that he hanged out with his friends.

He was alone, we went to one of the worst motels in the area.

It was the best fucking of my life. It was also good bye.

Little did I know that I was going to be engaged 7 months later, to someone who I mattered to and put me ahead of everything and everyone else.

But my ex and I still flirted for about a year.

Why did we flirted?

Flirting with exThat’s a great question that I am not sure I will ever have an answer to. I did not like the way he treated me while we were together however after we broke up it was hard to tell him to stop.

After that final night I started dating my now husband and he started dating someone else but he continued trying to flirt with me. Most of the time I did not oblige. Sometimes it felt nice but most of the time I did not flat out reject it because that was the only way that I could get something for the kids. I knew that if I was abrupt with him he would not give me any money for the children.

He was that kind of asshole

Our divorce was final quickly because we did it in mutual agreement and I basically had to give in the fair amount of child support that I was supposed to get as long as he signed the papers. For a similar divorce service check out …

Being an Entrepreneur while going through a Divorce

How to Keep Going When Everything Around You is Crumbling

I am writing this article because I have been there. Many people know that when I decided to get divorce I ended up in a shelter with my 4 children. What many do not know is that I had opened up a new business two weeks before I ended up at the shelter.

The night I left the house was the night before my first client meeting.  Looking back I am not sure how I kept going. I know that some people would have put their projects on hold while going through personal setbacks. There are times that I have done that however this time it was different.

I threw myself into my new business, first because I needed the income, second because I would be dammed if I let my ex win.

Let me explain. I left my ex the night before because he came through the door drunk (nothing new) and started to make fun at my new business. He insisted that I had no ability to make money. That I was a loser and would never make it.

I could not crumble.

I moved on and kept on and pushed through my own conceived barriers and worked so hard that from the first month my business was open I recovered my investment and by the second month it was 80% profit.

I read somewhere that “you can make excuses or money but not both”, and I believe that will all my heart.

So my answer to how to be an entrepreneur while everything around you is crumbling? Keep moving, do you and everything will be alright!

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My Spouse is Cheating – What should I do?

Spouse Cheating?

So he (or she) has been cheating? Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. Been there done that, bought the t-shirt…twice.

The first time the relationship did not survive

The second time the relationship survived and actually trived.

Why some relationships survive cheating while others do not?

The answer is not simple and it’s as varied as there are types of relationships out there.  But there are a few things that can be done to figure out if it’s worth it to stay in the relationship or if it’s better for you to leave it behind you.

How you reacted when you found out of the cheating will set the pace

Alone after spouse cheatedI remember vividly how my blood boiled! I was not only furious but obsessed. I went through all the crisis stages so quickly my head spin, I also became a hound dog and kept digging any information I could about the infidelity. I am not proud of some of the crazy things I did such as activating the GPS on the phones, spying on the text messages and some other crazy shit.

Yep, not proud however I am proud of how I acted when I confronted them. The first time I found out because my own brother told me. To avoid a bigger family issue I was able to come up with a plan to hide that fact and discover the truth.

When I confronted him I fell apart. I told him that I had contracted an STD and that he needed to tell me the truth. I am not proud of how I fell apart but I am proud of never letting him know the involvement of my brother.

He admitted to sleeping with one woman. After a short period of separation (we were in the same house but I slept in our daughter’s room) he got on his hands and knees and cried while telling me “I will never do it again”. Like an idiot I believed him and sure enough he did it again.

Later on I found out that there were many more.

The Second Time I was Cheated On

The second time I was cheated on it was quite different. I did not lose it like I did the first time because the quality of life I lived next to my spouse was much different than my first marriage. I made him a cup of coffee and calmly told him that I knew that he was having an affair and that I was willing to seek couples therapy and figure out why he strayed.

We did and after a few sessions it turned up to be his fear of getting old that prompted him to act out that way. Not cool at all but at least we were able to figure it out and I am happy to say that we have been very happy for years now.

We also attended a marriage retreat which was …

The Best Thing I Ever Got from my Divorce

Children – The best thing I ever got from my divorce

Women with Children and DivorceWhen people spoke about children being the best thing that ever happened to them from their divorce I never understood them.

Let’s be real.

Children are so much work! They are exhausting from the moment they are born. They chew on your breast, then poop something fierce and end up throwing up all over your nicest t-shirt. Many times I have even wondered why God made us the carrier of so much responsibility. Why not men?

Let’s be honest, most men can walk away at any time without thinking twice about their off spring. It’s not “we are pregnant”, is “she is pregnant”. Married or not, a child becomes the primary responsibility of the female.

But we continue to pop kids like candy.

Why are we so Dumb?

It horrifies me every time I see a child of 13-16 years old being pregnant with another child. I have 4 girls aged 20 through 6 years old and I do not know how I would handle any one of them pregnant so young.

But it does not stop there. I also worry about the many women taking the bus everyday, pregnant and pushing a stroller.


You cannot afford a car but you keep getting pregnant! And of course you are getting medicaid, food stamps and probably welfare.

Two scenarios come to mind; your man is not financially stable, or you don’t “have a man”. You had one at one point but he was not the type that sticks around.

Perhaps you missed the day in high school (oh wait, you did go to high school right?) where they showed horny girls and boys how to put a condom on a banana.

My only hope for you is that the sex was worth ruining your life forever.

Miami divorce forms

Ok, maybe I am being a little over dramatic.

Your life may not be forever ruined, but will be damn harder than if you chose to avoid getting pregnant.

Why am I being So Hard?

Because while I did not take the bus pregnant while pushing a stroller I was close. My first pregnancy was at 23 years old. I was an exotic dancer (read: stripper) when I met my then boyfriend. He moved in with me quickly and a few months later he was talking marriage. I got excited, started buying the wedding magazines and all. Then I got knocked up and something shifted in me. Two months in my pregnancy and I threw my fiancee out of my house after finding a huge bag of premium weed in his truck.

After the baby I made  a different “career choice” and got a job working for a Fortune 500 after much pushing for it (another story altogether) and got off welfare 2 months after my baby was born.

My ex was not there during her birth.

The first time he saw her was at …

That Moment When I knew It Was Over

I had a tough childhood but nothing prepared me to what I felt that moment when I knew it was over; meaning my first marriage.

Even though I was raised in an alcoholic house with my stepdad I always believed in the whole romantic scenario we are sold as children. I wanted a marriage that lasted an eternity; the perfect life.

I married my first husband when I was 26 years old. My first born was 4 years old and I was full of dreams and wishes. Even though the signs were all there that I was heading the same direction my mother did when I was young, I proceeded ahead full steam, disregarding the alarms that were ringing loudly in my head.

A few years later things kept getting worse. Our marriage had it’s typical ups and downs but at one point it was hard to know the difference.

The drinking and possible drug use was in charge of the schedule in our home.

It Was OverPlans we made rarely stuck, while I kept trying to figure out what worked and what did not work. Honestly, I spent 11 years trying to make him stop drinking. This is strange coming from me, as I like to drink socially bu I have never abused him verbally or physically, never. He was everything to me. Even when he verbally abused me in front of others I would be there for him the next day.

I was the perfect victim.

But everything toxic must come to an end and thanks to ALANON I was able to find my strenght, my voice, myself.

That Moment When I knew It Was Over was not over something big. The only insult he gave me was when he told me that I would never be able to be on my own, make my own money and live by myself.

I am not afraid – It was over

That day I left out the door and did not look back.

Never tell me I can’t do something.

I will prove you wrong.

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