Surviving a Divorce

Enduring Separation

Making it through separation can be a legitimate worry if you’re contemplating getting a separation. In order to make sure surviving separation, you must initially recognize that your separation decision shouldn’t be ignored. Ensuring that you’ll be enduring divorce can be calming as well as can influence your path as you consider your factors for separation and also take the emotional dive right into actually going through with it.

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Its difficult enough to think of exactly how your immediate life will be impacted by getting a divorce not to mention thinking of divorce from an element of “the consequences” of divorce. You may be taking into consideration a variety of points in the short-term consisting of living arrangements, partner’s routines, lawyers, youngsters, residential property, etc. Its tough to intend so you can actually make sure that you’ll be enduring divorce once its ultimately over with.

Enduring divorce, just like determining to divorce, is about separating feeling from reasoning and making sure you think about the past, present as well as future. Certainly, how you prepare for enduring divorce, will differ from others in some respects, yet there are some typical themes to consider that should ensure you will certainly be successful enduring separation.

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The most common points to think about when you want to achieve success enduring separation are self-evident and also standard, but extremely essential:

Surviving Divorce Concept 1: Review the past to see to it you can get rid of potential regret.

Ensure that you make the effort to reflect on the past and also keep in mind the reasons that obtained you to this mindset. One thing you definitely have to prevent is undergoing a divorce and also regretting your decision. Review, thoroughly, your reasons for separation and also verify to yourself yet once more that separation is the very best strategy. This will certainly help eliminate remorse … as well as remorse can be a large factor in determining your chance of making it through separation.

Making It Through Divorce Principle 2:

Confess to yourself that, despite exactly how your circumstance reached this breaking point of desiring separation, that you contributed to it, and plan to boost yourself.

Also if you recognize your existing partner is not an excellent suitable for you, be clever sufficient to recognize that you shouldn’t lose the opportunity that you have now to enhance on your own, for your very own good in the future. Each time like this when emotions are running high, there tends to be a great deal of soul searching taking place, which’s a good thing if you intend to make certain that you’ve got a solid opportunity of surviving separation. Understand that you require to boost for you, this will only aid you in the future. Remember, it takes 2 to tango!

Enduring Divorce Idea 3:

Keep in mind that your joy and also plan for surviving separation ought to consist of evaluating as well …

Prevent Personal Disintegration From A Broken Marriage With Hypnotherapy For Break Ups And Divorce

When we fall in love and experience the very first blush of romance, it seems to us that life couldn’t be better. The world appears perfect and rosy, and we can not bear to think of ever living without our partner. Yet, the reality is that generally there is trouble in paradise; after a time period invested together, the rosy shade dissipates just to be replaced by a sepia toned world. The divorce rates have actually gone up worldwide in the last couple of years, and separate are as common as the housefly! Research study says that practically 49% of the marital relationships wind up in divorce within the very first 7 years in the US; worldwide, one out of every 3 couples is headed for Splitsville.

A separation of such a kind is extremely tough to deal with for any person; sensations of anger, depression, anxious breakdowns and disillusionment are what individuals experience in general. Though such a situation is a bitter tablet to swallow, we have to do it … and do it with dignity. Hypnotherapy for splits nd divorce can help you pass over this stage with less discomfort and more self-esteem. Here’s how.After separating with our partner, it is essential for us to discover hope, and to move on. The more you mope around the more damage you bring upon yourself.

It is no mean accomplishment to come through a divorce with your head held high; it can be a Herculean task in times like these to have favorable ideas. To some of us, a break up or divorce can appear like the end of the world. If it does, you are not to blame due to the fact that it certainly is a very uncomfortable scenario and one that can let loose a slew of unfavorable emotions. Here’s where hypnotherapy for separations and divorce comes in. Hypnotherapy is a mode of relaxation in some methods, a means of calming your aching heart and touching your distressed mind. Hypnotherapy for splits and divorce helps you draw strength from within yourself, so you can bid goodbye to the anti-depressants and the sleeping tablets.

It empowers you with self-healing through positive energy and tips. In terrible times such as these, it gives you the instructions that you may badly need.Hypnotherapy for separations and divorce helps you deal with the unfavorable emotions that fester within you throughout such times. A session with an accountable therapist will let you identify the exact sensations and work your method around them. You need to recognize that after a divorce life goes on; if there are children included their future depends upon you. Life can be tough, specifically with the practicalities that face you after a divorce; however, it is only you who can undoubtedly redeem yourself in such a situation.

Through strategies of relaxation, positive thoughts and auto idea you will find out the best ways to handle the anger & & bitterness you are feeling. It will assist you lower …

The essential keys to self improvement and motivation

What are the three keys to self improvement and motivation?


Inspiration is critical to staying motivated and improving oneself. If you are not interested in your business, your motivation level will never be high and you will not be able to sustain interest for very long.

Take an honest look at your inspiration level. Are you excited about going to work or is it an obligation? You would be surprised at the number of people who choose a business that looks good on paper, but in reality does not interest them in the least.

These individuals will grow weary and uninterested pretty quickly because they have no inspiration or passion to sustain them during the difficult times they will encounter as a small business owner.

If you do not like your work, then think how you can re-focus your small business to better match your needs. Or consider making a change entirely. Without inspiration, there will not be motivated to even try self improvement.


Short and long-term goal setting is vital for any business owner. If you do not set goals, you would have no definite purpose on which path of self improvement to take.

How could you possibly be motivated if you were unsure about the direction of your company?

Take the time to put your goals in writing. A business plan may sound daunting, but it is really nothing more than goals, strategies, implementation and a budget. Write your own business plan and update it at least annually.

Include “mini-goals” that can be accomplished in a matter of hours, days or weeks as well as the more ambitious “grand-goals” that may take years to complete. Refer to this plan throughout the year.

But can a business plan really help motivate you? Of course. Written goals will make you feel more professional and certainly more connected to your business. It will also free you from having to reinvent your business goals every single day.


Another key factor in getting and staying motivated is networking with other small business owners. No one person knows all the knowledge.

However, when a number of people begin working together, the challenges will just be there waiting to be conquered.

In fact, the isolation of working alone is of one the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur. You can never be on your way to self improvement without the help of others. Mutual support is motivating.
Make it easier on yourself by connecting with others either in your community or online. Even when businesses are not related, you will often find common ground and ways to work together.

Many successful entrepreneurs report that finding the right networking group was a turning point in the growth of the business. Working together, a networking group can help its members generate more qualified sales leads and solve problems faster and more efficiently.

Sharing ideas, expertise and experience is also an invaluable aspect of motivation and self improvement.
Your own …

The Redemptive Self Explored in the Soul and Mind

Search of source of inspiration for happiness and success in life

Living force forms an integral part of every human being. This basically refers to what we known as ‘inspiration’. This is a unique force that motivates an individual to achieve his or her goals in life. It lifts up our spirits and gives us an opportunity to appreciate the everyday joys of life. So we can also say that it is also linked to the happiness of an individual. It revitalizes the energy that lies within ourselves, makes us feel liberated and brings out the child that is hidden within us.

However, some of us may find it difficult to be inspired. For such people, there are certain points that should be kept in mind that will help them in finding their source of inspiration. Firstly, a person should open his mind to new ideas and concepts in life. This means that one should not just stick to their previous experiences, judgments, and perspectives. New thoughts should also be explored. This will improve a person’s understanding and he or she will be able to comprehend better people around them and difficult situations of life. Next thing is that, the person should not restrict oneself and confine himself in the boundaries of their daily schedule.

This is to say that a sincere and dedicated attitude towards the responsibilities is important, no doubts, but sometimes freedom is essential. So we can say that a kind of leeway is necessary for inspiration. Discovering new things such as those that are found in a museum or trying to involving in creative works like writing poems, or interacting with people from different backgrounds helps a lot in broadening the horizons of an individual. All these things encourage a person to search for an inspiration and sparks up the force that is veiled in our inner self. Last but not the least, One should also minimize the time spend in the company of pessimistic people as this may make him a cynical person as well.

This inspiration gives a person a hope to reach out to his goals. Lack of inspiration, result in the degradation of the inner self of a person. The inspiration or the living force of a person comes from different sources for every individual. On the one hand, few people take their teachers, any famous celebrities or freedom fighters as their inspiration. On the other hand, nature and the scenic beauty around instigate many people. This inspiration actually gives a meaning to their lives and guides them to the correct path. It gives a direction and focus in life. This makes them achieve the heights of success both on the personal and professional front.

For instance, everyone needs to attain intelligence, learn, and acquire knowledge to be on the top. But, only a motivational force of an individual brings out in him a craving to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible. With someone to guide and support him, an …

How I Self Sabotage

How I Self Sabotage

Photo by Nick Moore on Unsplash

Self Sabotaging

Last night as I was tossing and turning, something came over me and I realized why is it that I am not meeting my goals.

My Self Sabotaging Struggle

All my life I have  been striving for financial stability. I want to go beyond surviving. I want to thrive. I want to live my life fully without having to worry about how I am going to pay for things.

I can vividly remember many trips and outings I have gone to where I am worried if I am going to be able to afford it.

For example, last year when I went to the Phillipines. Yes I had the airplane ticket but did not have any money to spend while there. Somehow that was resolved because I worked while I was there and got a few divorce cases.

But that fear comes with me almost daily.

But it’s not just money. I have the same issue with my health. I know I need to lose weight and exercise, but everything else I have to do comes first. Particularly the money.

Since I work for myself, if I don’t work I don’t get paid.

This is something that my husband struggles to understand.

He takes days off and expects me to be able to turn off the phone and take the day off with him.  While sometimes I do, I am always stressed thinking that I am missing an opportunity if the phone rings and the caller cannot get a hold of me.

This Lifestyle is Killing Me

This is my first step at figuring out why I am doing this to myself.  So I am going to debrief what are the things I am self sabotaging:

1 – Health

I am not exercising at all.  I started with a 30 day 100 squat challenge. I did it for a week and a half and then stopped. I will restart today but that’s not the point. Will I quit again?

Why am I doing this to myself?

Doing 25 squats 4 times a day does not take a lot of time.

I am such a fool!

I am OBESE. Sixty pounds over the recommended weight for my height. I am bulging in the mid section.

Yet I am not able to be consistent with this simple task. I do not understand myself.

And I know it’s not because I don’t see changes, because I do. My thighs are becoming stronger and even reaquiring a bit of definition. So why I stopped? Maybe I do not love myself enough?

A couple of days ago I saw a video of myself and realized the results of my lifestyle.

I hated it!

Currently I live in stretchy pants. I rarely leave the house. I depend on makeup and doing my hair to boost my confidence. It’s truly sad.


2 – Spiritual Life

I am a believer of Christ and know the fundamentals of my faith. …

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How Do I Get New Clients

Hey guys! Here is an update. So since I started this journey one of my main concerns has been how was I going to get new clients?

I’ve been a business woman for a while so I understood the basics including internet, print advertising, networking, etc.

Networking has been to me the worst investment of time and money I have ever made. For a long time I was a member of a local networking group. Super nice people. I am still friends with some of them but I only made about $40 from investing into the group.

I don’t know if it’s because I am not pushy enough, or maybe because I did not talk about what I did enough. But talking about divorcing people gave me a weird feeling. You know it felt like I was saying “call me if you need me ‘wink’ ‘wink’.

I was the member that they wished they never had to call.

They never referred me business.

But I know they loved me for the person  I am.

So besides networking there is print ad and I hate the feeling that if I don’t pay for the ad this week I will be missing out. Also, when  I did run the ads most of the people that called where just kicking the tires, not really ready to make an appointment and get started.

Also back then a no court divorce was not something that people knew to be real. Like anything new they did not know anyone that got divorced that way so it was difficult for them to believe me.

Then of course the internet.

This is the one area I have done well but with clients to take care I have very little time to work on my online presence. I know, what a curse and a blessing. It’s a good thing because I already have clients, and it’s a bad thing because time is of the essence.

Even this post! I’ve been wanting to make this post in a while but I have been too busy! I have not been even able to do yoga! Now that’s annoying!

So how am I getting clients?

Some come from Thumbtack

Some come from relationships I’ve had

And lately from someone that sells business services to mostly insurance companies. He sells websites and I do the SEO and social media. So far he became a client and signed up another client and it’s now advertising my services.

It’s white label which means the client does not know another company is doing the work. I do not deal with the client at all. I just make sure things are working the way they are supposed to be. Evolve Business Solutions have been a life saver to me.

The work they send to me allows me to work from home, pick up the kids from school and pay the bills.

Of course it also gives me more practice and challenges me to stay organized.…

New Frontier for Me

I am so excited!

I have finally decided to stop helping people get divorced. It’s not an easy decision; there is a lot of risk involved but I believe it will be for the best.

Family Needs

My family needs me more and more. It seems everyday there is an opportunity for a “teachable moment” which forces me to be present. I had to face the truth; it’s hard to be present when the phone rings and it’s someone having a nervous breakdown. Or what about the wife texting me Sunday to follow up on her case?

New and Not New

I have been working on websites for many years. Heck the reason why I’ve had so many divorce clients is because of my mad SEO skills. Without them I would have been struggling like so many business owners out there. As Google kept changing their algorithm so did I kept learning how to adapt and keep climbing.

What’s new for me is the social media aspect, for which I am learning as much as possible and taking risks but what’s business without risks?

New Frontier

So now I decided to put my skills to the service of other business owners wanting to have more visibility on the internet and social media. I am so excited over this opportunity to help others achieve their dreams in a more positive way.

I can’t wait to have several clients, a team of geniuses and a whole different set of problems.

The good thing is that I have discovered that I am definitely not made to have a boss. I rather have clients and work day and night to make them happy and fulfill their inboxes with new potential clients.

More than they know what to do with!

I am so glad and grateful for my divorce clients and I will continue to be around for them but for now, I need to concentrate on my new baby. welcome to our world!

Parent and Child Relationship

It is hard.

My mother and I have not spoken for more than 7 days.

I am 44 years old and you would think I no longer need her but I do. I hate this silence and not understanding why it makes it harder.

All I know is that she was supposed to meet us for dinner in Daytona Beach, FL and didn’t.

She canceled the same day, with a text, with no explanation.

I have since tried to talk with her but she always either does not pick up the phone or tells me that she is OK and will call me back but never does.

Something to understand is that growing up I was more the mother than the child. She was orphaned at 5 years old and had a tough childhood. She got pregnant with me at 17 years old and got married to my father thereafter.

The marriage lasted 2 years and she got together with another man that fathered 2 more children.

This other man beat her in front of us.

While my siblings do not remember any of this, I still remember.

My mom did not always made the best decisions but I was always there to help her in any way I could.

She kept choosing bad partners up until the last one; which is not as terrible as the others but still has many faults that makes me weary of him.

But she is an adult, and so am I and if there is one thing I have learned through my life is to let people be.

Letting go of fixing problems has been rough but also has allowed me to live my life and raise my own family.

But it’s still hard to not speak with my mother – without any idea why.

I do hope she comes around and shares with me what the hell is going on because it is driving me insane!

Until next post