How to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney – In this important decision of which divorce attorney to choose, you will need to have a few definite ideas about what you want and what you don’t want. There are so many things to consider that it can be overwhelming, but with some basic ground-rules and organization you should be confident you can make the right divorce decision.

First and foremost, you need an attorney who is experienced in family law.

If you can find a board-certified attorney in your area, then he or she will specialize in divorce cases and other associated family issues. They will only be certified if they have plenty of trial experience and have passed a rigorous test. They will also be up to date with continuous training, so their experience will be worth having.

You should hire someone who speaks to you in plain English and help you to understand, not someone who is talking legal or business jargon all the time and not caring about your situation. You will also need to feel you can completely trust this person, as you will be having to share personal issues with them. You should feel comfortable in their presence or when talking on the phone with them. If there are doubts, then keep searching.

Divorce attorney without hurting the children

If you have young children then find an attorney who will encourage you to put the children’s needs first, instead of encouraging you to pursue unreasonable demands for child support or vindictive child custody and visitation arrangements.

You want your attorney to be a problem solver, good at working with people, good with compromise, and comfortable in court. If you think court is a certainty or a possibility, then don’t assume all lawyers have courtroom experience. Therefore this is something to check. You also want then to be reasonably affordable of course. If you don’t have much money to spend on legal help, you may have to hire a relatively inexperienced lawyer.

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New attorneys tend to cost less than those who have been practicing law for years and already have solid reputations. The good news is that working with an up-and-coming or novice attorney can sometimes have a big advantage: If trying to build a good reputation, the attorney may work a little harder for you than a seasoned professional would.

Costs can certainly add up quickly, as depending on where you live the services of a divorce attorney can cost you anything from $100 an hour to more than $600 an hour plus expenses. You will therefore want to have as much knowledge about your situation and about your options before booking long meetings or phone calls, as this will save wasting their (very expensive) time.

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